Maximilian Scheuplein

I am a Graduate Research Assistant and Lab Manager in the Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Oxford. I work with MaryAnn Noonan to investigate the neural and cognitive processes that underlie learning and decision-making in adolescents. I am fascinated by how brain development and environmental experience through childhood and adolescence shapes psychological changes in cognitive, emotional, and social behaviour.

Previously, I completed my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London where I worked with Sarah-Jayne Blakemore to explore the development of social cognition during human adolescence. Specifically, I investigated the effect of age on both the ability of an individual to infer someone else’s mental state (i.e. mentalising) and the ability to draw on self-knowledge (i.e. self-referential processing).

Before my scientific interest shifted towards the first two decades of life, I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Goethe University Frankfurt, where I worked as a Research Assistant in Melissa Võ’s Scene Grammar Lab to conduct research in the field of visual cognition.

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