Maximilian Scheuplein

I am a Junior Laboratory Associate in the Department of Psychology and Center for Neural Science at New York University working with Cate Hartley. My research focuses on understanding the neural and cognitive mechanisms underlying age-related changes in learning and decision-making. I am particularly fascinated by how brain development and environmental experience through childhood and adolescence shapes psychological changes in cognitive, emotional, and social behavior.

Previously, I worked with MaryAnn Noonan at the University of Oxford to understand the behavioral impact of prefrontal cortex development in rapidly changing socio-cognitive decision environments.

I completed my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London, where I worked with Sarah-Jayne Blakemore to explore the development of social cognition during human adolescence. Specifically, I investigated the effect of age on both the ability of an individual to infer someone else’s mental state (i.e. mentalizing) and the ability to draw on self-knowledge (i.e. self-referential processing).

Before my scientific interest shifted towards the first two decades of life, I completed my BSc in Psychology at Goethe University Frankfurt, where I worked as a Research Assistant in Melissa Võ’s Scene Grammar Lab to conduct research in the field of visual cognition.

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